Simalis New Star to Kephles

Foreldre Besteforeldre Oldeforeldre Tippoldeforeldre
  • NUCH SEU(U)CH Kephles Pleasure To Have
INT AU NORD UCH SEV-10 Ralun Versace
AU CH Goldtreve Camrose Kraka
AU CH Ralun Paradisio
Kephles Keen On Kelly
NORDV-03 SU(U)CH N UCH Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel
N UCH Kephles Helt Herlig
  • Simalis Ican Youcan
NUCH Kephles True or False
Snowjar's Chamonix
Zenanas Pure Passion
Simalis Forglem Meg Ei
N UCH SE U(U)CH Kephles Keep In Touch
The Golden Beauty Lykke-line